IT development and Implementation
The Core Payment System, and the IBeacon Technology (Knoq)
The Core Payment System
The Core Payment system is built on a modular basis using the concept of microservice architecture.
Main Provisions of the Core Payment System:
  • A set of interacting microservices, each of which implements a fairly narrow functional task.
  • Interaction of microservices is carried out through an intermediate layer (Middleware).
  • Scalability is achieved due to:

-Asynchronous interaction of modules

-Ability to run several modules of the same type for load balancing

-Control of the placement of modules on computing resources

-Loose coupling of modules

  • The DBMS used is of a relational type, without being tied to the specific features of a particular solution.
  • The solution is deployed and operated on the basis of the AWS cloud platform.
  • Kubernetes technology is used to provide fault tolerance.

A number of technological solutions were used to provide and control access. Each module has its own database with separate access controls. Microservices can connect to work with the system only after authorisation by the intermediate layer. All microservices are isolated at the level of networking organisation.

Core business functions:
Customer interaction with the Core Payment System Service is carried out using applications for mobile phones. Applications interact with the Core Payment System using a secure protocol.

  • To use the Service, customers must complete the registration procedure. When registering, customers provide basic information about themselves.
  • After registration, customers go through an online identification procedure.
  • Accounting and processing of information on customers is carried out in the Customer Details module.
  • In order to use the Service after registration, customers need to go through the authorisation procedure.
  • Passcode or biometric capabilities of smartphone (Touch/Face ID)
  • During authorisation, the mobile application interacts with the Authorisation Module of Core System.
Account Funding:
  • Customers can fund their account by bank transfer or from a card issued by another financial institution. Clients in the mobile application can transfer from their accounts.
  • Financial accounting of operations on customer accounts is carried out in the Banking System module.
  • Payments and transfers are made through Payment Gateways (SORT, SEPA, SWIFT).
  • Customers can order a physical or virtual card.
  • The Core Payment System service interacts with the Card Issuing Service for this.
  • Card transactions are processed by the Card Processing Service, with which the Core Payment System Service also interacts online.
Client communication:
  • To organise communications with clients, push notifications, SMS and e-mail are used, which are carried out through the appropriate gateways.
In March 2020, we successfully passed the IT audit of VediCard ( (Latvian Member of EP´╗┐CA)
Knoq-IBeacon Technology
CAC SIA has exclusive exclusive rights to promote Knoq technology and to sell specialised iBeacon equipment in the Baltic States.
What is Knoq?
  • KNOQ is the first global iBeacon network in the Baltics

  • iBeacon is the latest innovation from Apple.
  • This self-contained portable electronic device (beacon) transmits a signal with a unique identifier to all mobile devices in its immediate vicinity to determine the type of the content that should be delivered to each smartphone through the Knoq network.
  • The transmission of visual and textual content is carried out using Bluetooth Low Energy technology, which consumes a smartphone battery 100 times less than regular Bluetooth, and 1000 times less than WiFi.

  • Knoq turns the smartphone of every person within the range of iBeacon into a personal information board and internal navigation system for places, goods and services, protecting it from spam and other useless information.
  • Knoq also provides direct access to all interactive services provided in the territory, including Apple Pay mobile payments.

  • A feature of Knoq is a unique toolkit that allows you to deliver text and visual information in the native language of the owner of an iOS (iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch), Android (Samsung, HTC, LG, Google Glass and others) mobile device.
  • Thanks to the Knoq indoor positioning system, the recipient receives content only where and when it is really interesting and necessary for him.
IBeacon Technology-More Detailed

iBeacon is Apple's latest innovation, which is a self-contained portable electronic device (beacon) that transmits a signal with a unique identifier (Universally Unique Identifier - UUID) to all mobile devices in its immediate vicinity.

This UUID contains information about:

  • The service provider
  • Group identifier (Beacon Group ID)
  • Own identifier (Beacon ID)
  • Signal strength (Signal strength)
  • Energy level (Energy level)
  • Information about the current zone (Proximity level).

UUIDs are transmitted via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology to determine the content content to be delivered over the Knoq system to the receiving mobile device. The iBeacon signal can be received up to 70 meters from its location by any mobile device with Bluetooth 4.0 LE enabled and the Knoq mobile app installed.

The key words in the description of iBeacon is the definition of "micro-location", that is, the establishment of the user's location (including indoors).

This technology allows delivering advertising and/or informational content to mobile devices, ensuring that the owner of the mobile device receives an address message tied to the exact location where he is currently located.

For example, a person entering a bank office can receive information about new products on their phone, and a person passing by an ATM will receive a reminder about the location of this ATM and information about the conditions for its use.

Currently, iBeacon technology is the most widely used and shows its high efficiency. For example, based on the marketing research of the American company inMarket (, the interest of buyers who received iBeacon messages in the products advertised through these messages increased 19 times.

KNOQ System
  • In order to develop and introduce iBeacon technology into the business environment, a system, a mobile application and the Knoq cloud platform were developed. They allow you to fully use all the possibilities of Apple's invention.
  • Along with the targeted delivery of various textual and visual information, the Knoq system ensures that such content is received in the language of the owner of the mobile device.
  • So, someone whose native language is Chinese will receive an advertising or informational message in Chinese, and the same information in German will automatically come to the a German speaker's phone.

  • The benefits of marketing with Knoq are clear. Location-based information is more likely to be read and perceived on a mobile phone by a person than the same information in advertising booklets, street banners, newspapers, or even on television and radio.
  • At the same time, the price of Knoq is several orders of magnitude lower than the cost of other types of advertising. In addition, this system is extremely environmentally friendly and flexible.
  • It allows you to keep a clear record of advertising information with a breakdown of the place of delivery and the transferred content, that is, to control its effectiveness with the most accurate tools.

  • The Knoq system is a cloud-based content delivery system based on the Knoq iBeacon equipment, which determines the location of mobile devices with the Knoq application installed in its coverage area in order to send appropriate content to these devices.
  • Content for the Knoq system can be any digital data of our customers (for example, advertising, information and navigation messages) addressed to mobile device owners, which are transmitted in the form of text, images and other information.

  • Uploading content to the Knoq system is carried out through our innovative cloud platform on a specialized system website with an intuitive and user-friendly interface.
  • The technologies used by the Knoq platform allow for high data transfer rates, complete information security, protection against spam and malware.
  • It also guarantees the provision of round-the-clock information and technical support.
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